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Our company offers expertise and service in the following areas of the memorial industry:

  • Memorial Sales and Design – our staff is trained in all aspects of memorial sales, service, and design.
  • Cemetery Lettering – for inscribing final dates on memorials already placed in a cemetery, or adding a name to an existing monument.
  • Monument Construction – our crew of erectors is experienced in all types of monument construction including mausoleums and civic memorials.
  • Monument Cleaning and Repair – sometimes cleaning a monument, especially those made from Georgia Marble, can refresh the looks of an older monument. Our staff is also trained to reset monuments and repair, if possible, broken or damaged stones.
  • Municipal Park Signs and Sculpture – our staff can assist with municipal park designs by way of designing signs, statues, and sculptures.
  • Cemetery Design – Clark Memorials representatives have designed entire cemeteries, making the most of landscapes and available space.
  • Architectural Drawings – On memorials that require such, architectural drawings are rendered in house by senior staff members.

Superior Craftsmanship, Faithful Service

Clark Memorials has placed many distinctive, award-winning memorials built in the matchless beauty of Georgia marble and Georgia granite as well as many other stones of various colors and sources. Also available is the modern equipment used by our affiliate, The Dixie Granite Company of Elberton, Georgia. Mr. John Campbell is one of the leading producers of fine memorials in the Elberton district. Through his many years of experience, he has developed the techniques and ability to carry out in detail fine memorial designs. Dixie Granite Company continues to be a leader in the production of private and community memorials, such as the one recently installed at Warner Robins, GA, for the POW-MIA Memorials at the Museum of Avation. The construction of each memorial is a time-consuming job demanding the work of highly skilled craftsmen in the use of complicated machinery for contouring the stone and the steady nerves and knowledge of workman in hang carving the details of intricate designs. The ongoing work in our plant is under the watchful eye and experience of Hank O'Neal whose duties include the daily plant operation and the carefully planned erection schedules. The memorials erected by our company have been designed and executed in our plant, and the finished memorials have been placed in over 1100 cemeteries in the south-east by competent and dedicated erectors whose native talents and long years of association assure faithful performance in every detail of their work.

Purchasing Online

Currently in the United States there are more than 160,000 cemeteries, each with varying regulations, restrictions and requirements. No comprehensive data base of cemetery policies, restrictions and guidelines exists. It is therefore impossible for Clark Memorials or for any other memorial retailer to sell you a memorial online and assure you that it will meet your local cemetery's requirements. This dilemma highlights the consumer's need to work with an experienced, reputable company to insure that whatever monument is designed and purchased will not be rejected by the local cemetery board. Clark Memorials has this experience and expertise.

In addition to the technical impossibility of online selling due to varying cemetery requirements, standards and regulations, there is another important consideration - customer care. There are noted online booksellers who provide great pricing, a wide selection and exceptional customer service. But a memorial is a highly specialized purchase. A memorial is not a book. There are many considerations when designing and crafting a memorial. We at Clark Memorials are passionate about providing our customers with personalized, quality care. We choose not to sacrifice this value for mere expediency.